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The finish that started it all

Buz McKim, Artist and Head Archivist for ISC, painted this rendition of
the historic
1903 race in Ormond Beach between the Winton Bullet (in red) and the Olds' Pirate.
The painting will be available as a limited-edition print, and is also featured on a new Birthplace of Speed calendar that includes the works of other local artists.

Here is the painting as the official Logo of the Birthplace of Speed Centennial Celebration in 2003

Two Spins and a Win commemorates Richard Petty's victory at the North Carolina Motor Speedway on March 8, 1970. It was the first of five wins for Richard in a SuperBird, and the 102nd of his career. The title of this 18" x 24" rendering, Two Spins and a Win, refers to the fact that although Petty spun his car twice during the race, he was still able to claim a victory.

Although not seen here, the lower portion of this art work contains a brief narrative about the race as well as original signatures of artist Buz McKim and the King himself, Richard Petty. Accompanying each piece is a Certificate of Authenticity, which carries a unique serial number. This Certificate is also signed by the artist.

Only 1,043 of Two Spins and a Win will be sold.

Tiny Lund wins the 1963 Daytona 500 in Marvin Panch's Car

Fireball Roberts and the famous Frank Strickland car of 1958

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Stanley Steamer Centennial Art Presentation

(L-R) Sue Smith from the Stanley Steamer Museum in Maine, Michael Sanden from the City of Ormond Beach and Past Director of the Casements accepting limited art print, Buz McKim artist, and Dan Smith 2006 Birthplace of Speed Race Director

All were members of the Birthplace of Speed Steering Committee

Buz is also a member of the Motor Racing Heritage Asso.


Buz McKim specializes in paintings of NASCAR and racing in general. He also worked on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtlesí comic books and the Ren and Stimpy cartoon books. One of the highlights of the school presentation occurred when McKim invited anyone from the audience to come forward and draw a Ninja Turtle. One young man immediately came forward and strode confidently toward the easel to accept his challenge.

In about two minutes he had successfully recreated the cartoon character much to the delight and cheers of his fellow offenders. His physical stature was small, but his courage and personal sense of being able to complete this task made him a giant among his peers.

These are just some Google listings of his comic book artwork:

McKim, Buz.
"Lochness Mess" (Ren & Stimpy) / Terry Collins, McWriter ; Ken Mitchroney, Buz McKim, McArtists. 11 p. in The Ren & Stimpy Show, no. 29 (Apr. 1995) -- SUMMARY: Ren & Stimpy go to Scotland and find Nessie.
I. [Each creator]. k. Scotland. k. Nessie. Call no.: PN6728.6.M3R4no.29

Mitchroney, Ken. American Comics Artist: Powder.

"The Casebook of Sherlock Hoek" (Ren & Stimpy) / Scott Benson, chronicler ; Ken Mitchroney, illustrator ; Buz McKim, delineator. 11 p. in The Ren & Stimpy Show, no. 29 (Apr. 1995) -- SUMMARY: Dr. Stupid rescues a professor/inventor who has accidentally converted himself into a pile of powder.
I. [Each creator]. I. Sherlock Hoek. k. Dr. Stupid. k. Rescue. k. Professors. k. Inventors. k. Piles of Powder. k.
Powder. Call no.: PN6728.6.M3R4no.29

Mitchroney, Ken.
"I'm the Cat" (Ren & Stimpy) / Barry Dutter, writer ; Ken Mitchroney, artist ; Buz McKim, inker. 14 p. in The Ren & Stimpy Show, no. 21 (Aug. 1994) -- Summary: Stimpy leaves home to be an alley cat, but returns to Ren when he discovers he will have to eat mice. k. Cats. k. Leaving home. k. Alley cats. k. Eating mice. k.
Mice. I. Dutter, Barry. II. Mitchroney, Ken. III. McKim, Buz. Call no.: PN6728.6.M3R4no.21

Boyett, Steve.
"Clean-Up Crusaders" (Ren & Stimpy) / Boyett, story ; Mitchroney, pencils ; Buz McKim, inks. 18 p. in The Ren & Stimpy Show Special, no. 2 (July 1994) k. Crusaders. I. Boyett, Steve. II. Mitchroney, Ken. III.
McKim, Buz. Call no.: PN6728.6.M3R42no.2

Ren & Stimpy and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Artwork are just examples and not Buz's artwork

Donald John's replica Danner Bunch "Speed Demon", 1939 - The "Dennymite" Engine

A contemporary build of one of Danner Bunch's fantastic early gas-engined tether racers by Donald John an extremely accomplished and highly respected modeler and model engine builder. The frame has oak rails and the body is carved from wood just like the 1939 cars were. Power is by an early ignition .57 "Dennymite" engine driving a beautifully machined differential in the rear.

Features include aluminum dash with instruments, steering wheel, windshield, outside fuel pump, handbrake, 3 piece louvered hood with leather straps, leather seat, etc. etc. Incredible attention to detail along with outstanding "period" graphics by Buz McKim make this a stunningly beautiful race car.   Walter Hammond Righter (1905 - 1982)

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